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I might answer your phone. Give Bill Bennett’s Morning in America a call and you may hear my sleepy voice. It’s a way to make a few extra dollars, learn a bit about politics and hear from the widest spectrum of incredibly vocal opinions.

A few weeks ago, we had this little candidate from Massachusetts on the show. He told us that he hadn’t been sleeping much, that he was traveling everywhere in his pickup show and that he wanted to be the vote that kept this health care bill from passing. The snowball known as Scott Brown has turned into an avalanche in the last few weeks. It’s been an incredible thing to watch the American people get so excited about a candidate that is anything but a traditional straddler of the red/blue divide.

Week after week, I get calls from people across the nation fired up about this candidate. I’ve been busy, I confess, so somehow I missed all parts of this hairy story. People call from Minnesota, from Florida, from California and the grins just burst through the phone lines.

And, contrary to what Dems. in Massachusetts might say, this isn’t just a bunch of carpetbaggers trying to influence an out of state election. We get call after call from Massachusetts residents who say, “I’m a hardcore Democrat… I’m as liberal as they come, but I’m voting for Scott Brown.”

It’s a combination of a rejection of one of the worst candidates offered by a ruling party in recent years, (I mean, really Coakley, really?) and a referendum on the health care bill that’s being offered by the Democratic party. People just don’t want this plan, regardless of what populist rhetoric you might hear.

Daniel Larison makes some great points here:

“The interesting thing is that the activist support for Scott Brown seems to be somewhat different from the inexplicably nationalized nature of Hoffman’s campaign and the overwhelmingly national sources of his support. Instead of fitting the cookie-cutter model of the nationally-acceptable, talk radio-approved conservative, Scott Brown seems more suited to and interested in the state he wants to represent.”

If this election goes the way it’s looking, it’ll be interesting to see what the political ceiling is for Brown. This is a candidate that loves Massachusetts, is loved by its citizens and is charismatic enough to inspire a groundswell that might not slow down anytime soon. I’ve never seen one Senate election that could change so much. For all the people calling for a “revolution,” “secession” and any other crazy reaction to President Barack Obama’s election and administration, please pay attention. This is the reason why the American experiment is so beautiful. The people use the system to balance power out and things don’t get out of hand too fast without political consequences. We don’t need impeachment proceedings, constitutional amendments… we just need another election. 



I just wish I had my own naked Republican to vote for.

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