Epic Upset in Massachusetts

It might seem slightly sacrilegous, to invoke the image of Dr. King, but the election results up north are putting me in a legendary frame of mind.

This is less about a rejection of President Barack Obama, as it is a strong reminder that the American people still have the independent thinking and gumption to make our collective political experiment work. States are fair game, traditional models are being discounted and the playing field is completely open. This goes both ways, if a truck-driving Republican can win in Massachusetts then a hybrid-driving Democrat can win in Mississippi.

And now I stop and flip over to MSNBC and watch Keith Olberman spew off a string of vitriolic and inflamatory adjectives directed at Scott Brown that would make any mother blush. For the record, I’ll decry Glenn Beck’s slobbering drivel just as quick as anything that might come from the three headed-mouth of Maddow/Olberman/Matthews.

To Glenn: America still works, the calls for revolution and secession can stop. Conspiracy theories can be put aside, the American people still control the ballot box. Scott Brown is not a triumph of the Tea Party, he is a triumph of rational thinking Americans who are unwilling to have a horrible candidate pushed down their throat.

For the dear people who are now decrying the death of affordable health care, the triumph of big business/insurance companies and the return of stupidity, I have one thing to ask you, “really? really?”

The two-headed bastardized frankenstein of a health care plan that has risen from the collective House and Senate wasn’t going to fix anything. Let’s not operate in a state of willful blindness here, please? Don’t pretend like there is anything noble or patriotic about a plan conceived in the backrooms of D.C. outside of the eye of cameras and a plan that required the addition of bribes so it could be swallowed.  Massachusetts rejected those political tactics by replacing the lion of the Senate who has vowed to slow the implementation of that man’s greatest goal.

Brown has the crowd chanting “41” right now, as he promises to try and, “be a worthy successor to the late Sen. Kennedy.”

There’s something exciting about this centerfold model’s rough charisma on-stage right now. This man who promised to run a positive issue-based campaign, with a smiling family–a journalist for a wife, an American Idol contestant for a daughter (who apparently is still “available”).

This man still needs to prove his worth in goverance, but just as President Obama managed to inspire a disaffected undercurrent of society to something greater, this man has inspired a generation of independents and conservatives to something more than Palinism.

This man is the future of the Republican Party, cringe if you want, but Scott Brown will be around for awhile.



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