I was really surprised last week when I learned that PBS, which was formerly the Public Broadcasting Service, now stands for People magazine Broadcasting Service.

Well, it doesn’t really. But it should, now that Henry Louis Gates Jr.’s celebrity-worshiping show Faces of America became the flagship series on the only channel where I thought I was safe from smirking, inflated celebrity heads.

Here’s what this rubbish says to me: “Hey everyone, here are some people who literally have everything in the world and are idols to millions. Let’s esteem them some more by showing them how special their genealogy is, and how truly extraordinary they are, and that they were obviously destined to be better then the rest of loser America. Then we’ll make ourselves feel better by posting some lame educational stuff on the website and squeezing in some crap about how we are all special and are likely descended from awesome people in the past just like these super-awesome celebrities. AREN’T THEY AWESOME!! AAHHHHH!! SEND US MONEY!!!!”

How about giving us a show where we learn that some depressed contractor stuck in Idaho (sorry to any Idahoan contractors reading this) is really a descendant of Duncan MacLeod of the Clan MacLeod and is thereby empowered to stake his own claim to immortality. Or whatever. Anything but more celebrity worship on TV.

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