I don’t like little fat kids as much as the next guy. Oops, I mean. I don’t like that little kids are fat as much as the next guy. But this Let’s Move initiative has gone too far. Way too far.

I recently heard a radio spot sponsored by the Ad Council and the Let’s Move campaign featuring Misty May-Treanor, Bugs Bunny and Daffy Duck. Whoever they hired to voice Misty May-Treanor totally nailed it.

But Bugs.

I think I can only describe the severity of sonic transgression this way: putrid recorded refuse not fit for the ears of democrat, republican or tea-partier. (Although, I have not yet confirmed whether or not tea-partiers do in fact have functional ears. I’m not up on the current research.) It was so phoned in I think they sneaked into the Smithsonian, dusted off Alexander Graham Bell’s first prototype, and made the call over AT&T’s wireless network.

These Looney Tunes voices are absolutely the single greatest affront to hard-working Americans.
Have you watched that Drew Brees public service announcement. That doesn’t sound like Bugs at all. It should say at the end, “this message brought to by the lazy executives at Warner Brothers that have obviously never, ever watched or heard an original Mel Blanc-voiced cartoon of the brand they own and have licensed to your government, which, thinks you dumb enough not to hear the difference.”

We’ve reached a point in American history when it no longer matters whether you like big or small government, the free or imprisoned market, tea or coffee parties. This brazen defiling of one of our nations most precious treasures stops today, or maybe tomorrow, or as soon as the final season of Lost is over.

We must unite and say to the aloof, elitist purveyors of this putridessence, “that is not all folks.”

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