How easily we dismiss the challenging and prophetic because it doesn’t ascribe to common and naive notions of a “sensible and healthy diet.” Great visionaries speak and create into culture that which is hard to understand – and difficult to swallow. Such is the case with the Double Down.

I suspect that most people will either love or hate it for the wrong reasons. They will see nothing more than a food product or nothing less than an abomination. But if you can tune your eyes and mind to a different frequency – the frequency of genius – you’ll see another side of the story.

Notice the symmetry – two pieces of chicken, two slices of cheese, and two strips of bacon. How brilliant to evoke the unity of two becoming one.  Clearly the creators of the work are trying to remind us of the sacredness of marriage and the need to find strength in not “going it alone” like so many sandwich items often do.

Yet this piece says so much more. Rather than assembling four or five ingredients to accomplish this feasty feat, the artists chose three. Three pairs working together in perfect harmony. It is said, “a cord of three strands cannot easily be broken.” Such is the case with this wonder.

I am also reminded of another famous passage found in the Christian scriptures where the Apostle Paul writes to chastise some members of a new church in their sluggishness to develop a palate for teaching that goes beyond the infancy of milk. I think it not too far a stretch to see bread in a similar light. Here again we have the authors of this aorta-arresting artifact reminding us all that we have a great need for something more than milk and bread. We should crave solid highly-processed food products. We see this demonstrated by the insightful exclusion of the bun. A bun which is puffed up with air, providing little sustenance, not imbued with love of life and living.

Even the advertisement announcing the coming of this culinary cretin (excuse me, I mean creation) models the transformation that takes place in one’s soul as we reject adolescent notions of “milk” and “bread,” and embrace the mind-boggling complexity of two pieces of chicken, two slices of cheese, and two strips of bacon. No question can remain in the mind of the viewer that by entering into the realms being open now to us by way of the Double Down, boys will become men.

Rarely in life are we afforded the opportunity to witness the dawn of a revolution. To see paradigms and worldviews begin to crumble under the caloric weight of brilliance. This is that time. The Double Down is that weight. Can you carry that weight?

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Kevin Gosa

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