This post over at “Mere Orthodoxy,” entitled “The Culture Wars Enter American Cinema,” reminded me that I meant to solicit some opinions on the film “The Kids Are All Right.”

Christopher Benson, author of the aforementioned post doesn’t say much about the film (actually what he does is embed the film’s trailer, in addition to a few others which I had not heard of but that are meant to exemplify the point he is making in the post’s title), but the implication, I think, is that it is clearly propaganda in the culture wars.

I have a couple of thoughts about this. The first relates to the assertion that the “culture wars” are just now entering American cinema. If you are a person that is concerned with the culture wars, wouldn’t you believe that American cinema has always been a battlefield?

Secondly, and I suppose this is more of a question than a point, did anyone who saw “The Kids Are All Right” feel that they were witnessing propaganda? My wife and I saw it this past weekend and we were both amazed by how little “proselytizing” it actually did…how cynical is that? The message to me seemed to be that marriage is difficult and family is important. In fact, the only aspect of the film that I felt could be construed as pushing some kind of agenda would have to be the title, which, of course, is a reference to a 1960’s song by The Who.

Did you see “The Kids Are All Right?” What did you think?

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