After reading this article yesterday (which, in short, explains why Survivor’s choice of Nicaragua as its next glamorous-unglamorous location is an ethical atrocity and should be boycotted by all fans and non-fans of the show), I was reminded of, not only how this show carelessly dehumanizes our culture by covering up the socio-political realities of the places they choose as locations for the sake of ratings and ad dollars with no regard for the long-term effects of their decisions and actions, but also how it’s time for some real danger in these shows. (Anyone remember Schwarzenegger’s magnum opus The Running Man?) 

To amplify the point, I present to you a prophetic Looney Tunes cartoon which is a glimpse into what will put the “real” back in reality TV. Sit back, relax and enjoy the future.

Editors Note: Congratulations to Kevin Gosa for writing the longest, most rambly (and yet still grammatically correct) sentence ever published on Patrol. Happy Friday, readers.


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