Scot McKnight, North Park University Religious Studies professor and Jesus Creed blogger, weighed in on the Rob Bell issue yesterday.Who cares, right, we’re over that already (or at least until Bell’s book is actually released). What’s excellent about McKnight’s post is not necessarily his response to the Bell Conundrum, though it’s insightful, but his conclusion as to how his generation should engage the questions of ours. Check it out:

My contention is this: the approach to this generation is not to denounce their questions, which often enough are rooted in a heightened sensitivity to divine justice and compassion, but to probe their questions from the inside and to probe thoughtful and biblically-response resolutions. We need to show that their questions about justice and God’s gracious love are not bad questions but good questions that deserve to be explored.

This is the benefit-of-the-doubt we’ve been asking for. Thank you, Dr. McKnight. We hope others of your generation will follow this example.

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