Does it strike anybody else as absolutely crazy that the man who continues, against all reason and despite a complete lack of necessity, to defend a historical reading of the creation story (see tweet below…)

Just a few minutes later informed his Twitter followers about this:

Really, Mohler? You deny science on NPR, but we should care about your thoughts on bioethics?

On a related note, I met this week with a new friend, the influential writer Karl Giberson. Giberson has been the executive vice-president of The BioLogos Foundation and is author of several books that prove that the kind of willingful suspension of being-a-reasonable-human-being that Mohler continues to display needn’t set the benchmark for Christian consideration of science. And, unlike Mohler, Karl Giberson also happens to be a scientist. Incidentally, Karl has gone head to head (or, at least, blog post to blog post) with Mohler on this very issue.

In the midst of seemingly daily debates amongst the current Republican candidates for their party’s nomination, the ugly and unthinking underbelly of conservative Christianity has been on prominent display. We have heard cheers for the death penalty, boo’s directed at members of the military who happen to be gay, and a ridiculous number of climate change deniers. Now, more than ever, we need to hear from intelligent, thinking Christians like Karl Giberson. By all means, let the pastors teach and preach, but let’s leave the addresses on bioethics and biotechnology to those who actually know a thing or two about such topics.

Update: Karl Giberson on “Why Evangelicals Are Fooled Into Accepting Pseudoscience” at The Huffington Post

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