Patrol is excited to announce the addition of our new Managing Editor, Jonathan Romas Povilonis. Jonathan is a student of Philosophy and Theology at Harvard Divinity School, and will be working with Patrol for the next several months.


Because of this, we once again have the capacities to accept submissions:

We are seeking submissions on the topics of Religion, Culture, and Politics–each of these broadly understood. Patrol strives to be a venue for the discussion of various topics that gives voice to diverse perspectives: proposals are not required to adhere to a set of ideological commitments because Patrol is a publication motivated precisely by the desire to take them into consideration. Successful submissions will make substantive claims backed by cogent argumentation and presented in an engaging style. Further questions/inquiries can be sent to the Managing Editor.

About The Author

Jonathan Romas Povilonis

Managing Editor | Follow him on Twitter.

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